April Fools

Haven’t seen too many April Fools today – Google have ‘Google Nose‘, but I couldn’t see any good ones on BBC News or anything – they normally have something.  Perhaps with it being the Easter holidays, no-one is in work to make them up!

Looking through the BBC News website there is an article on ‘Real’ stories that appear to be pranks – BBC News – April Fools Day: 10 stores that look like pranks but aren’t.

Hope everyone has a good couple of days off – I think we’re spending today trying to clean/tidy parts of the house that are a little neglected, i.e. the office/study upstairs, which seems to gather all the junk that used to collect in my room at my parents house…

Don’t want to go too far with having the pup, and he’s still not had his second set of jabs, so he can’t really leave the house, other than the garden for weewees!  Can’t wait until we can get him out of the house for walkies 🙂

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