About Me

My name is Michael, I’m a 30 year old living in Carrickfergus, just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. My wife is Amanda, I have an almost 2 year old Joshua, and we have a Westie pup called Casper. I’m originally from Newtownabbey, which is a bit closer to Belfast than Carrickfergus is. I’m a Physics graduate from Queen’s University in Belfast.

I currently work in Henderson Wholesale in Mallusk as IS Operations Manager, heading up the infrastructure, telecoms and DevOps teams.  We supply all SPAR, EUROSPAR, Vivo, Vivo Extra and Vivo Essentials retailers in Northern Ireland, along with providing foodservice to a wide variety of hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc across the island of Ireland.

I am quite [read: very] interested in comput{ers,ing}, especially open-source software and programming in general.  I’m also a keen Linux sysadmin, and I know a bit about Windows too, as much as this upsets me :-).

I’m a relatively keen amateur photographer, when I have some time I love to take my camera out for a walk to the nearest pretty location, and sometimes I get a few decent shots.

I hold an amateur radio (ham radio) licence, my call sign is MI0GJN – the namesake for this website. I’m not so active on the air these days, but I loved having a natter on the radio, and loved tinkering with packet radio, some digital modes (SSTV, PSK31, etc.), and ran an Echolink node on and off for a few years. I listen out on the FM repeaters in the Belfast area, GB3NI and GB3UL, quite frequently. Give me a shout if you hear me calling.

I would consider myself a proponent of freedom of speech, freedom of knowledge – basically freedom of pretty much everything.  I understand that not everybody holds these views, and of course they’re free to believe whatever they want. I try to support these freedoms in any way I can, and one way I do help is by running a tor middle relay. This is something that anyone with some spare bandwidth, a spare computer (even a Raspberry Pi) and a bit of time can donate, and it contributes greatly to the tor network (https://torproject.org).

Content on this website, and any of my social media channels is my own opinion, not that of my employer, or any associates.

My heroes/idols

I know it’s not great to idolize people, but here are some…

  • Richard Stallman
    • Founder of GNU Project and Free Software Foundation
  • Linus Torvalds
    • Creator of the Linux kernel
  • Richard Feynman
    • Physicist