New tyres

Interesting post title eh…

Got new tyres on Tuesday afternoon.  It’s the first time in a few years that I’ve chosen not to go with a ‘premium’ or well known brand of tyre.  I only have the car until around July, as the finance ends then, so I didn’t feel a need to spend a lot on tyres, especially when you consider that this brand ‘Sunny’ cost £55 a tyre…  I got Pirelli’s during the summer and they were an absolutely horrid price, about £170 for the two, which considering the car is only a Ford Ka, is a little bit crazy.

I also normally go to ATS Euromaster, but decided not to this time, for no reason other than wanting to try somewhere different, so I went to Lindsay Ford in Mallusk who have a small “Rapidfit” franchise type thing going.  I would go back again, and would even go as far as to say I would recommend them.  They fit to any brand (not limited to Ford), and they have a price match with Kwik Fit.  The only downsides were:

  • Really slow – took them two hours to fit two tyres, however the last time I went to ATS it took them about 4 days to source tyres, and I ended up with Pirellis, when I actually went in wanting Continentals, and had settled with Dunlops, arriving at the depot to be told “Oh we just got Pirellis instead.”
  • You have to book in advance, be it the day before or whatever,
  • Mallusk being Mallusk, there isn’t a terrible lot to do while you wait, but then again this seems to be a trend with tyre places, ATS on the Boucher Road, Magowan on the outskirts of Carrickfergus, or in Mallusk.

I don’t know what they’re like for punctures and stuff, don’t know if they can repair them or not.

So far the tyres seem to be fine, they (so far) have been giving a reasonable amount of grip, although I can notice the road noise more, which isn’t a big deal considering it’s a diesel and the engine makes a lot of noise.  But I’ll keep you all updated here on the lives of the tyres…

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