I need to blog more!

Just noticed, I really need to blog more often…

Recently saw a video about the use of the internet and social media for charities and non-profits…  Have a watch…  http://www.reasondigital.com/getinspired/

In my church (Newtownabbey Methodist Mission), we would be interested in setting up some form of online donations, probably through Paypal.  Don’t know if there would be a better system to use – any tips are welcome…  I don’t see how having a huge ‘DONATE’ button at the side of the website, with a few different options, e.g. monthly donations, one off donations, could be a bad thing…  Does anyone have reservations about things like this?

I think the potentials are huge – for very little outlay, we could make quite a lot of money.  I think it’s important to work on the website though, we don’t ‘sell’ ourselves enough on the internet, and I think this is one place we lose out on…

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