Hey 🙂

Don’t think I’ve got any readers yet but hey lol…

Just having my porridge, mmm. I got my wee quakers scoop thing… It’s great! But I kinda overcooked the porridge so it’s sorta hard lol… Yum. Snow Patrol rock… Big time!

I’ve pulled a muscle in my leg, but hey I’m sure I’ll survive. For those of you that may require it in the near future, Red Bull is cheap in tescos – 2.55 for a 4 pack…

Think this shall be a reasonably boring day… Have to go into school for physics at 2pm, but other than that I’ll just be lazing around home as always on study leave 🙂

Should really start revising for Biology on Tuesday, but I can’t be arsed at the moment… 🙂 nice way to be! =D

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