PC Mark Milton

Was flicking through the news as normal at lunch, and came across the name PC Mark Milton, the name rang a bell, and after having a quick look I found the previous news article…

From 2005:
BBC News

Today’s article:
BBC News

Strange how he was described as the ‘creme de la creme’ in the past, and was extremely lucky to avoid a ban (IMO), but he still seems to be have complete disregard for safety…

Edited to add

I don’t think any of the news places have picked up that this is actually the same bloke…


Just finishing a great hol in NYC, we were here last year at the end of our honeymoon, and enjoyed it so much we decided to come back.

Didn’t do any bus tours this time, spent time shopping, eating (obviously, it’s New York!), and seeing some sights. Will post up some pics on my website and Facebook when I get home…

New Phone

Well, I got a new phone on Thursday, an HTC One X.  So far I’m quite glad that I made the transition to android…  There are so many more apps available than Windows Phone 7 had.

The only problem I’ve had so far is the battery life, which I expected to be quite poor, and I’m used to anyway, having had smartphones over the last few years…

Will maybe put up a bit of a review once I’ve had to live with it for a few more days, but I’m pretty impressed…  Screen quality is great, although coming from an HTC 7 Mozart, that’s to be expected…  It has beats audio included, meaning any videos on YouTube and the like sound pretty good, and I assume when I put music onto the phone, it will also sound the same…  Love android, and wish I had used it sooner!

Anyway, will put more details up after a week or so…

Did anyone see the Olympic torch?  Amanda and I were in Carrick at the time, and we were able to see it, but I doubt we would have made the effort if we weren’t already there…  I felt it was a bit of an anti-climax, although I’m sure the experience was great for the kids, and undoubtedly inspiring…

Anyway, I’m away to play with my phone a bit more!


Starting to do a little bit of DIY around the house 🙂

Put a light into the roofspace, so I don’t need to walk around wearing my head torch constantly…  Fixed the light at the front door, with a little help from Dad…  Pulled 2 network cables through to the living room, so that Amanda can watch Sky Anytime+, and we can use the other for the playstation…  Have a couple of other wee projects to do too…  It’s weird having your own house to do these things to!

Also trying to grow grass…  We cut it around the end of March or start of April, and it went really crappy looking…  It’s starting to look a little better now, but still not quite right…  Had to resow a few patchy areas, and hopefully that’ll be it sorted now 🙂

Work, etc.

Well, its been a pretty busy couple of months… Wedding is fast approaching, we got a house sorted, and work is starting to become ‘normal’.

We spend a lot of time troubleshooting issues, doing training sessions in stores… Stuff like that! It’s great actually, quite diverse, and never a boring moment!

Henderson’s are good to work for too, we get some quite good benefits, especially compared to those in stores…

And then about 2 weeks ago we actually got a house sorted. It’s in Carrick, so handy for both Amanda and I. Still, quite scary, and we now feel terribly grown up.. Hopefully the rest will move on smoothly, and we won’t have any problems 🙂

I dont really know what else to write tonight…

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