Well just another normal day on study leave 🙂 Woke up, got breakfast, got shower… I’m just sitting around now waiting for something to do.

Got my amp fixed in the car… The wee RCA socket had come off the circuit board – what can you expect for 45 quid?

Work tonight! Woohoo 😐

Seems like a really nice day there today 🙂 To be honest I hate warm mornings – room heats up far too much lol… It’s starting to cool off now though, computers are starting to idle at a more reasonable 42 and 42… 🙂 Quite silly actually… The 2.53GHz processor in the server is at the same temperature as the 3.00GHz HT processor. Lol, shows you how crap the cooling is in the server…

Porridge was good this morning 🙂 I didn’t manage to burn it today… Well I didn’t burn it, was more just cooked too much so it went realllllyyyy hard lol.

Anyhoo that’s all I can really think of writing at the moment so… Cheerio!

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