Woo – Birthday/Car

🙂 It’s my birthday on 6th July and I kinda got an early birthday present 😀 A new car.

It’s a wee Ka zetec climate, decided to stick with the Fords. It’s a bit higher spec than my old one, it’s got 14″ alloys, air conditioning, ABS, heated windscreen and mirrors, electric mirrors *shock*… Looks pretty decent… Hopefully getting it before the end of the week, did the trade in today and got it all sorted and stuff, so just waiting for it to be delivered to the dealer 🙂

Shall post up some pictures pretty soon, when I get some taken lol. Still have to get the car like..

Can’t believe it, only 2 more A levels to go. It’s been a hellish 5 or 6 weeks, but hey… 3 months of freedom now, hopefully put the hours I’m doing in the Spar up a wee bit and get some money saved for the next year lol…

Anyhow, that’s all I have to ramble about at the moment, so byee!

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