No posts in ageess

Hey! I don’t think I’ve posted here for a year or so! Hope everyone’s ok.

Awk well, not a lot has been happening in my life at the minute. Still seeing Amanda, still working away in the Spar, and still doing Physics at QUB. The joys of work haha.

We’re going to Toronto in June, can’t wait. Should be a really good holiday. Planning to go for a helicopter ride, go up the CN tower, can’t think what else we’re planning to do haha. Hopefully have loads of photos afterwards 🙂

Anyway have a bit of an obsession with Ray Mears now, watched all his dvds so far, really interesting hehe.

My Family rocks too, Amanda gave me it for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Anyway I can’t think of anything else to write today soooo…

Cheerio and hopefully I have a reader or 2!

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