Stuff as usual – Back to porridge!

Well – back at uni now a week and a wee bit. Fun! Strange being back after 3 months away from the place, but hey.

Just let my hamster out of his cage and I can’t get him back now, going to take a while, he usually gives up eventually haha… He’s a wee nutcase, however very very difficult to catch lol.

Updated/moved the church website to my server – Seems to be working alright. Glad I got it moved, saves me having to run the server at home anymore, and gives us a bit more scope to expand the website. Should possibly be able to set up podcasts due to the extra bandwidth too 🙂 Don’t know if it would be worth my while though!

Just watching Ruffles, he’s found his own way back to the cage, actually half expected him to climb back up into the cage himself, but he’s just walked away again lol. Poor wee thing…

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