Christmas Dinner Over- Robbery-less

Ahh, didn’t get robbed this year, nice to know!   Last year we had a robbery the night of the Christmas Dinner in work, but this year went off without any issues!  Had a couple of fellas from Manse Road and they were a great help too…
Working all weekend sadly, tomorrow in my own shop, and Sunday in Lambeg…  Should be an interesting experience…  Steep learning curve!

Watching a thing about Tesco’s energy saving ideas – monitoring drivers braking, gear changing, indicating habits, sending these to Germany to analyse, and sending it back to the drivers with ‘tips’ on how to drive more efficiently…  Surely the lorry drivers should be concentrating on driving safely rather than efficiently?  Especially if they’re going to get a disciplinary for using too much diesel/gas…  I think they should re-assess their priorities regarding being ‘green’.  I agree they need to make cutbacks and do less damage to the environment, but that just isn’t a good idea?

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