New Years Resolution

Well, I guess it’s about time I make a new years resolution, and I think I’ve found a fairly easy one to try and keep up over the year…  This year I’m going to make an effort to keep my blog up to date!  Something I haven’t managed to do for a year or two now actually.  I used to be very good at updating my old blogspot blog, but it’s something I’ve really neglected to do more recently…

Anyway as you might have guessed I’ve managed to sort out the permissions on the blog, and it actually seems to be working alright, as far as I can see.  It should link in to the twitter account, so if you’re looking for a way to be notified when I update, follow me on twitter –

Anyway what do people think would be a reasonable amount to update the blog?  Should I aim for at least once a week?  Or would once a day be better?  Personally I think that once a week would be an achievable target, and I can actually think about what I’m writing, and the kind of media I’m posting…  I think if it was a daily thing I’d probably run out of useful and interesting things to mention, and I probably wouldn’t have enough interesting picures to make it worth my while actually updating, or your while reading…  So comments would be most appreciated on that front!

If you didn’t know, or hadn’t guessed I got a new camera for Christmas from Amanda.  It’s a Nikon D3000, and it’s pretty cool.  Got a flash the other day, and I’m now ready to snap away.  Took a lotta pictures during the last cold spell – the ‘Freeze of ’10’, if I can be bothered I’ll work out some sort of photo album to run on the server, and that might be another way to keep up with what I’m doing…  Although I’ll post a few to here too 🙂  Or look on Facebook, that tends to be a good place to find my random pictures!

Anyway, since the last well thought out blog I’ve probably been doing quite a lot…  In mid-December Amanda and I went to Munich for a short trip.  It was lovely, a very beautiful city, and I would recommend you go at some stage in your life…  We went during the Christmas market season, and it was amazing to see the variety of different stuff available.  The Germans really know how to do this Christmas lark!  Before that I don’t think I had much on until we go as far back as June, when we went to Toronto for a week.  Again another beautiful city, although most people I’ve shown pictures to have just said ‘It’s very grey’, which I don’t think is fair, yes it was a city, and it was built up, but it didn’t feel like a city, to be honest I would liken the pace of life to being in Carrickfergus or somewhere like that, not even as busy as Belfast, and certainly nowhere near London.

Got a new car in July – keeping with the Kas…  Although the new ones really have ‘grown up’ from the go-karty feel of the older style.  It’s also Diesel, a little different to drive, but a hell of a lot more economical!  Saves a small fortune in fuel costs compared to the SportKa, which, lets be honest, drank the Petrol!  Still, I miss it a bit, the 1.6 was good for a quick thrash on a nice summers evening, and it was hard to beat the handling of the wee car through the corners, and on the roundabouts 🙂  The funny thing is, I still see the wee car, there’s a grey haired guy form around Rathcoole driving it…  It’s nice to see the car in, what seem to be, careful hands, would hate to see it wrecked…

Anyway I’d better get back to studying, have an exam on the 25th, need to get movin!

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