Another day over

Well that was another day over. Was working this evening. Nothing terribly exciting, just had to fill in an accident form with a girl from last week. Exciting! Oh and pack out an order, fun stuff.

Just lying in bed, can’t imagine I’ll be awake for much longer. New laptop charger should arrive before 1pm tomorrow. Thankfully I wasn’t without it for long. It’s funny how much you miss something like that when you don’t have it!

Sorted out the PHP post size/upload size earlier, so I should be able to upload bigger files than before, like high res pics and stuff… Nothing terribly exciting but hey. Didn’t actually realise it was only set to 2M until earlier when I tried to upload that video.

Did anyone hear the radio programme ‘Callsign GI3GGY’ on Radio Ulster at half 1 on Sunday? Really interesting story about ‘Jimmy’ who lives outside ‘Derry. Available for a while on iPlayer at:, enjoy!

Anyway I’m away to sleep, see you all later!

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