Stupid Cable

Having some problems with my internet connection… Basically it’s just dead slow… I think there might be a close neighbour draining the bandwidth, pissing me off a little I must say… I was using my dongle for a while, but I get very limited 3G coverage in the flat… Quite strange really, would expect being so high, and near the city, to get great coverage, but no… It does work pretty well around queens, but I don’t need it in Queens, we have wifi over most of the campus!

Anyway, did everyone have an interesting and eventful Friday evening? I was working, and we had a couple of really friendly police pop in to keep an eye on the place, apparantly they got a complaint about the kids outside, and they had been sent to make sure it didn’t get too rough… Poor guys got a fair bit of abuse hurled at them, and at one point we had two bottles thrown at the shop, which smashed everywhere… Great! Think they were glad to have a bit of heat though, was really really cold outside.

Anyway it’s getting late, and I can’t be bothered struggling along with 2Mbps broadband, so I’ll perhaps update later, or in the morning, once I’ve calmed down a bit!

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