Powermonkey Experiment

Well, it’s now been about 56 hours since my phone was plugged into the mains… Now, it normally dies after a day, so I think that’s pretty impressive. Not too sure how many more days I’ll get, at the minute the weather is quite bad, and it’s getting difficult to get any decent charging done…  Mobile has about 2 bars left still, which is ‘half charge’ and the powermonkey is now actually down to 1 bar out of 7 or 8, so that’s not looking too promising!

The cool thing is, I’ve been using my phone as normal, normal texting habits, checking stuff online the odd bit, emails are on push, and it’s still not dead, although I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, can’t imagine I have long left..  I’ll keep you all updated.
If it fails this time I’ll maybe try it again, and give the phone and powermonkey a proper charge before I start the experiment…  It’s probably a bad time of the year, and I didn’t count on the apparant snow clouds above belfast today, which I would imagine didn’t help much by blocking a pile of UV…

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