More on the Powermonkey experiment :P

You’ll all be fed up listening about the Powermonkey!  I’ve currently just set up the powermonkey in my car, it’s getting a bit of a charge, as I used it this morning to half charge the phone battery.  Thought it would be best to leave it in the car, as I have a class soon, and won’t be able to charge it up – lecture theatre has curtains!

It certainly seems to be going a bit better this time – there’s a small red LED on the powermonkey that indicates how quickly it is charging, and it’s actually lit up this time, whereas the last time I could barely get it to light up, even when I was outside…  It’s not too bad a day here today, and I’m driving down to Dublin in a couple of hours, so I’ll leave the thing charging underneath the windscreen, and see what more power I can get into it.

Staying in Jury’s Inn in Dublin tonight, going to see Kelly Clarkson, which should be pretty cool, I guess…  Hopefully be able to find a decent window in the hotel to wire up the monkey for another bit of a charge, although I would hope after about 4 or 5 hours of charging it will be back to full capacity, ready for another day…  Driving back up to Belfast on Saturday, so again I’ll leave the solar panel out to charge a bit more, and then on Sunday I’ve got an 8 hour shift in work, so I’ll be able to set up the solar panel in the car again – if I haven’t run out of battery again…  It does seem to be working a little better this time, and I think giving the thing a fair chance by giving it a full charge off the mains will do it a favour.

So, currently I’ve been ‘unplugged’ for 28 hours, and still going strong 🙂

I’ll keep you all updated on here as usual 🙂

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