Well I should start off by saying how awful I have felt the last day or two! Don’t know why, been getting longer in bed, so I guess I should be feeling fine.

Made pancakes yesterday evening with Amanda. They turned out pretty well tbh, it was Delia’s recipe, and we found they needed some sugar or syrup to make them taste good, but once they had that extra touch they were lovely!

Spent the weekend in the Hilton, Dublin. Was a lovely weekend, didn’t do much, just did a bit of shopping, ate too much as usual, and slept… And had a bit of a dander around the city too. On Sunday we went home via Wicklow, had a nice drive around there, and found a huge shopping centre in the sleepy town of Arklow… Very odd!

Well lecture just starting so i’d better head on… Oh the projector just turned itself off… Hm…

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