Well, it’s been a reasonable few days, the sun is getting a little warmer, and there’s a decent stretch in the evenings – great for being in work.

It hasn’t been a terribly exciting few days to be honest.  Just been working, at uni, and footering around at home.  Went to JLS on Monday night – when I booked the tickets I thought I might enjoy the concert, however it wasn’t great!  Wee bit strange, and far too many horny teenage girls screaming and jumping around…  Sorry but 14 year olds swooning over sweating 20-somethings singing on a stage really isn’t my thing!  They did do a bit of a Michael Jackson tribute, which I enjoyed, but it still wasn’t a great concert…

Anyway – this weekend I’m a tutor on a Queen’s Badge course, in Rathmore house.  Should be a good weekend!  It’s the first half of the course, which I haven’t helped out on before, so it should be a good learning experience anyway.  It does require a bit more speaking/participation from the leaders than the second one (I think anyway) so I’m a little nervous about that, but hey!  Should be fun anyway.

Sadly I have an assignment due on Monday, so I’ll have to get that done before I go away 🙁  But hey, being organised should have its benefits right?

Have one more lecture today, at 12, and then I have to head home, will probably make a start at the assignment due on Monday, and finish the one that’s due on Friday, and then by that time it’ll be time to go to work…  How quickly time flies when you’re enjoying yourself…  Or, well, doing something that you enjoy more than working 😛

Well I can’t think of much more to write, so I’ll say cheerio!

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