Not much to report…

Well, don’t really have a lot to mention on here. Still moving bits and bobs of websites over to the new hosting. Had some problems with mums school website, but it seems to be working now. The dedicated server is getting shut off later today.

Been working all over the place recently. Night shifts in Fortfield in Carrick, normal shifts in Rathcoole, my poor wee body clock is a bit broken, hence the quarter to four post at the minute! I suppose this is a better thing than sticking to my normal sleeping pattern though, it’s getting me sleeping through about half the day, which I think is maybe closer to what I need on nights? I should maybe try doing that thing where you sleep for half an hour at a time? Only problem would be getting the half hour during an 8 hour shift…

I tidied my room a bit today, it’s actually a little cleaner than before, but it still needs a lot of work! Maybe get a chance to do some more tomorrow.

Anyway I’m actually getting a little tired now, so I’ll head to sleep, yknow make hay while the sun shines, and all that jazz!


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