New Job

Well, we arrived back down from the caravan on Friday morning so that I could go to a job interview.  Funnily enough (from the title of this post) that interview must have went well, as I now have a new job.  I start on Monday 20th, and I’m counting myself lucky that I basically walked into a job straight out of uni…

I’ll be working with the Automated Stock Replenishment system which we are moving to, it all sounds pretty cool and interesting!

The rest of the time at the caravan was alright – we went to Donegal/Inishowen on Wednesday which was cool – I haven’t been over there in years, but it’s pretty awesome, with some stunning views.  I have a few pictures, but it was raining and I appear to have gotten rain on my lens a few times, so the pictures didn’t turn out that well lol.

So, now that I have a week free before I start ‘working’, I should really spend some time tidying my bedroom and stuff, I guess that would be a good idea.

Had a brake light blow on the car on Saturday, was quite good actually, the car has a bulb warning LED to let you know when there’s a bulb out, and the car can actually tell you what set of lights are affected – handy – and saves having to fully check the car every time you get into it lol.  Unfortunately it wasn’t so easy to try and replace the bulb – requiring a socket set, screwdrivers, and some brute force, to even get near the cluster…  But I guess you don’t need to do that very often, and I’ll know where to start next time…

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