PC Mark Milton

Was flicking through the news as normal at lunch, and came across the name PC Mark Milton, the name rang a bell, and after having a quick look I found the previous news article…

From 2005:
BBC News

Today’s article:
BBC News

Strange how he was described as the ‘creme de la creme’ in the past, and was extremely lucky to avoid a ban (IMO), but he still seems to be have complete disregard for safety…

Edited to add

I don’t think any of the news places have picked up that this is actually the same bloke…

4 thoughts on “PC Mark Milton”

  1. Are you sure? Their ages don’t quite match up – could be a bit of journalistic error but one’s a few years older than the other by my reckoning…

      1. Oops – looks like I’ve stumbled over my maths! Very true about the pictures too, funny that local reporters haven’t picked up on it

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