Fed Up…

Uugh just a bit fed up with work at the minute. Fed up having the place short staffed, fed up with that being ‘my’ fault when it’s actually nothing to do with me at all, not being able to get a decent break (actually probably only get about half the breaks I’m entitled to), and when you actually try to help you get chastised for doing so… Don’t agree with the fact that we have a number of duty managers working on normal weekly contracts, which means we could leave in a week if we wanted. Not exactly ideal.

Anyway rant over for the minute… Not a bad day, was nice not having to get up really early for work or anything.

Saw a movie on Sunday morning at Odeon. Sky seem to give out free tickets from time to time – most likely market research for them. Was called ‘Imagine That’ and it starred Eddie Murphy. Was very funny though, quite enjoyed it.

Booked a wee weekend away to Dublin next Valentine’s Day with Amanda. Loved it last time we were down for a weekend, so can’t wait! We’re also heading to Fuertaventura next June for a fortnight, again can’t wait. I’ve never really been anywhere warmish though, so hopefully I’m OK in the heat…

Had a really sore knee for the last couple of days, every time I kneel on it I get a shooting pain up my leg… But it should probably clear up in a day or two, I’m guessing it’s just a bruise or something.

Nearly have 100 friends on Facebook. Quite a lot for me anyway 🙂

Can’t wait for new car to come…

Anyway, going to head to bed now – have to be up at about 8am as we’re getting a new fridge and it’s getting delivered between 9 and 11 apparantly.

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