Craig Driving

Well had Craig out for another wee drive this morning. We went up the Doagh road, to Templepatrick, to Mallusk, then to Carrick, and back home. Was a bit hairy at the start, but once he got going he was fine. It’s hard trying to think what I do in certain places, like gears, braking and stuff… Getting a bit more used to it though!

He’s getting on well, hopefully we’ll get him through the test soon 🙂

Not a bad day here, we had a heavy shower about an hour or so ago, but other than that it seems to have been quite nice.

New fridge arrived safe and well at about 1010, just have the old one to get rid of now! Probably leave it out for the council to collect… Couldn’t give the fellas it back as we need it for the food, oddly enough!

Other than the Training Rep development day I’m off work now until Sunday, which is a nice change, nice to have a decent break.

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