Nice Day

Was a pretty nice day. Had to get up quite early to bring Craig round to work, but I just came home, moved into the living room and stuck an episode of Coast on the TV for a while… Didn’t see any of it but it was on…

We now have a lodger for 3 weeks I think… His name is Marble and he’s a browny/white coloured Syrian hamster. He’s also nearly as mad as my hamster. He keeps crawling upside down all around the cage, which is quite similar to what mine does.

Got Grannie’s tyre fixed AGAIN. Hopefully this will actually be fixed right this time. Got it fixed on Monday too, but I put it back on the car and she called me the next day to say it had gone flat again… Bit of a pain! But I hope that’ll be it this time…

New car is hopefully going to be ready on Friday afternoon. Can’t wait. The suspension in my one is starting to get a bit creaky. Bit of a common problem with the old Ka.

Anyhoo I can’t think of anything else to mention right now so… Cheerio!

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