Well, spent most of the afternoon sitting in Carrick, footering on my laptop. Not a very nice day, quite wet, miserable, grey, yknow, the usual for Northern Ireland. At least the snow and ice is pretty much gone though!

Finally got round to using a bit of my allowance on my dongle, yay.

Having a bit of bother with one of the washer jets on the car. It seems to keep popping out, leaving me with very little water squirting on the screen. Any ideas? It’s a new style Ford Ka, and has some new fangled type of jet. Whatever was wrong with the good old fashioned ones!

Anyway I should really head on, meeting Amanda soon, then heading to the cinema to see a movie. Was going to see Alvin and the the Chipmunks – The Squeakuel, but I don’t know if we’ll have enough time… Might just go for a later movie and have a potter around town for an hour or two… Not really made up my mind yet… Shall wait until I get a chance to talk to her… The other option is The Road, I think, the times for it suited pretty well too…


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