Poor laptop

It hasn’t been the laptops weekend. First of all it got a virus, and now I’ve broken the power adapter! Pants. Not a lot I can do. New one ordered and should be here tomorrow morning, yay.

Anyway, new dishwasher arrived, just enjoyed my porridge, and having a lovely cup of coffee, watching the end of ‘This Morning’. There’s a couple on, the guy sleep talks, and his wife/gf has recorded his outbursts, some of them were hilarious!

Working again tonight! But then I’m off until Friday yay! We’re doing this product of the week thing, in an attempt to upsell, and increase the basket spend. It’s usually silly wee things like biscuits, sweets, buns. This week it’s Mr Kipling Viennese Whirls, a bargain at 89p, so why not head down to your local SPAR and buy a couple? They really are delicious. I think you’ll get the picture? We’re meant to upsell these. Funny thing is, if people think they’re going to get something out of it they really do upsell well…

The main problem with it is that you need all the staff to be upselling, and we don’t gave everyone doing it… Ah well!

Better go and study a bit more, bye!

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