Back to Rathmore

Well, for those of you that don’t know, I’m at Rathmore House, Larne this weekend.  It’s a Queen’s badge completion course, which is now going to be called the Queen’s badge residential I think.  It’s basically a weekend of working with a group of guys that have almost completed their Queen’s badge through the BB.

Rathmore is a big old house, and there are a few ‘chalets’, which are a little chilly in the  winter…  And the summer too actually, but if you’re only sleeping in them it won’t really make much of a difference!

I stupidly forgot to bring a towel with me, so I had to go and get one in B&M bargains, but hey!  It’s nice and soft, so I’m not really complaining, and it’ll do me for a spare towel for the future lol…

Amanda and I booked another trip to Disneyland Paris for September.  Quite excited actually, I’m a big kid, and I love all the rides!  They’re fun!  Will be nice to explore the parks again, and we went quite recently, so we’ll have half a clue about where things are, what rides are good and which are crap.

Anyway I better head on here, have 11 more books to check by tomorrow afternoon!  Cheerio.

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