Just another Mike’s Blog Post…

Well, good morning to all my readers! A wonderful day it is outside. I thought it was about time I wrote another post on my blog, yknow, the way loads of people read them and all……

Sort of recovered from my man-flu from the weekend, feeling much better now, thankfully! Also caught up on the sleep, althought that wasn’t the most pressing issue. The group of guys we had were great, and were all quiet at night time – although this does seem to be the case when you’re out in the chalets anyway.

Was working last night, and it wasn’t anything overly strange or startling, just the usual stuff, price checking, etc… Exciting. Has anyone tried the Doritos collisions? I had some last night and they’re lovely, especially with some salsa dip ๐Ÿ™‚

Just had dinner in Caffe Spice in Larne. It was delicious, although I got a 12 inch pizza side, and I’m afraid my eyes were bigger than my stomach! Really good value though, two 12″ pizzas, garlic bread, chips and two diet cokes. Anyway highly recommended if you’re down in the sticks of Larne :p

Was rag day today, ie stay at home and have a rest day :). Nice to have a wee lie in and a lazy day around the flat.

Finally got round to buying a copy of Word on the Street. It’s a version of the Bible, sort of, written in everyday language, it’s actually more like a dramatization than a translation of the Bible.

Anyway, time to go and watch some more soaps ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Just in case anyone is wondering why I said good morning at the top… I started writing this at about 11am, but only got around to finishing it at 8pm tonight. Sorry!

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