Sorry, been a bit quiet!

Well, don’t know why I’ve been so quiet to be totally honest…  I was up at the caravan for a few days last week…  And then I’ve pretty much been around home and stuff since then.

Not really a lot going on, last week of Easter hols, have to tidy my room, and have a couple of short assignments to do, nothing too stressful though 🙂  Been working a bit, although very little extra compared to usual, just the odd hour here and there…  Think that’s the best way, just doing extra hours at the start of your shift lol.

Went for a bit of a drive/BBQ on Sunday with Amanda.  We originally decided to go to Crawfordsburn, but when we got that length it was packed, so decided to head down the side of Ards a bit…  Ended up outside Millisle, which was actually lovely and quiet, and we had our BBQ there.  Had some lovely, very tasty burgers, chicken kebabs, and some hot dogs…  The only issue was the lack of rolls in the shops, our own shop had run out, so had Carrick Milestone, and Tesco in Newtownabbey.  We ended up with ciabattas for the hot dogs, and crusty baps for the burgers…  Nice though!

Random, dad just rang me there, for maybe 30 seconds…  I have to go and pick up his car from QUB this afternoon, and he was just reminding me not to be too late lol.

Anyway, better love you all and leave you!  Promise it won’t be too long before I blog again.

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