Kinda shattered!

Well, it’s been an interesting few days. Worked Sunday night, last night, and I’m working tonight. On the positive side I’m off now until Sunday morning! So that’s good!  Just don’t like working so many shifts together, makes me really tired, although on the other hand it is nice to have the rest of the week off.

Only 2 weeks and a few days of class left, and then into exams…  Even those are over really early, so summer will come soon!  Need to lose a bit of weight before we go away to Fuertaventura lol…  Don’t wanna be too big!  Oh well.

Currently watching some old episodes of The Gadget Show, currently on the Christmas/Winter special from last year.  Really funny!  The last one had a jet powered hovercraft, which was quite funny.  The wee jets always remind me of Clarkson in Top Gear live a couple of years ago – he built a jet powered wheelchair – God, did it make some noise!

Got a telephoto lens a few weeks ago, it’s pretty cool having the option of zooming in a bit more.  Good for taking the slightly further away pics.  Glad that it has VR though, really makes a difference at full zoom!

Only one night of Anchor Boys left too!  Nice to finish a the end of the year…

Going on my flying lesson that Amanda’s mum and dad (and maybe her sister) got me for my birthday last summer.  Can’t wait.  Should be good fun 🙂  Getting new sunglasses too, just in case I need them 😀

There’s a cool computer controlled house in Dubai on TGS.  Are we going to end up with these houses in 20 years?  Ortis just walked into a room, the computer knew he wanted to watch a movie, he walked into the room, the computer decided to shut the curtains, turn the TV on…  Stuff like that lol.  Crazy!  Think it’s developed by eHome?  Pretty damn nifty…  What a way to spook the burglars!

Anyway, I better head on, need to go and get my dinner..  Yum pizza 🙂


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