Haven’t made an entry on this on ages, so I guess I better update everyone on what’s going on!
Still working in the Spar, not too bad… Been driving a SportKa since the winter, and I’m changing to a new style diesel ka in a few weeks, once it arrives from the factory! Still going with Amanda, that’s been 2 years and 2.5 months roughly hehe.
Toronto was really good, it’s one of those places that is a bit different to go and visit, had a really nice time I must say!
Becoming more and more addicted to Twitter every day, feel free to follow me on, always a good way to see what im doing.

No posts in ageess

Hey! I don’t think I’ve posted here for a year or so! Hope everyone’s ok.

Awk well, not a lot has been happening in my life at the minute. Still seeing Amanda, still working away in the Spar, and still doing Physics at QUB. The joys of work haha.

We’re going to Toronto in June, can’t wait. Should be a really good holiday. Planning to go for a helicopter ride, go up the CN tower, can’t think what else we’re planning to do haha. Hopefully have loads of photos afterwards 🙂

Anyway have a bit of an obsession with Ray Mears now, watched all his dvds so far, really interesting hehe.

My Family rocks too, Amanda gave me it for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Anyway I can’t think of anything else to write today soooo…

Cheerio and hopefully I have a reader or 2!


Hiya 🙂 It’s been a long time since I last left a post on this blog, something like 3 months, so I decided it was time to leave a wee quick post lol. University is a bit boring at times, but hey, I’m currently waiting for a 12 noon lecture, sitting in dad’s office at the moment because my car is up getting fixed and I have no other way of getting over for the lecture, so I’m sitting like a loner in his office because he’s away at a meeting lol. Went to the other place for my breakfast, was yummy, 99p fry is pretty damn hard to beat, and their coffee is pretty good too lol.

Hope you all had a really good christmas, I know I did, got a laptop, and I’m currently using it 😀 Still working away in the Spar, it’s not too bad, starting to like it quite a lot at times, get a good laugh most of the time, and the work isn’t as hard as it used to be.

I really don’t know what else to say other than a big HII to everyone, although I don’t think anyone reads this anyway lol.

Cheerio, Mike


Well yea I know I haven’t posted in a LOONG time, but hey lol. Haven’t really had much interesting going on at the moment, just worked a fair bit in the last few weeks, nice to have the extra money 🙂

We went to Rathmore last night to like terrorise the KGVI cadets, but it never really happened. For one I only got there about 11pm, so I didn’t get a chance to do anything, and the staff got a bit annoyed at the other guys for taking the sleeping bags and pillows, pfft… We had worse than that done to us… Grrrr lol.

So yesh, fun stuff lol.

Woo, no work until tomorrow afternoon, yay 🙂 And then Sunday… And then Thursday morning 😮 Shock! It’s great, can’t wait to have some time off… Still have 4 weeks of holiday to take yay 🙂

Anyhoo, I don’t think I have anything else to say so… Cheerio

Woo – Birthday/Car

🙂 It’s my birthday on 6th July and I kinda got an early birthday present 😀 A new car.

It’s a wee Ka zetec climate, decided to stick with the Fords. It’s a bit higher spec than my old one, it’s got 14″ alloys, air conditioning, ABS, heated windscreen and mirrors, electric mirrors *shock*… Looks pretty decent… Hopefully getting it before the end of the week, did the trade in today and got it all sorted and stuff, so just waiting for it to be delivered to the dealer 🙂

Shall post up some pictures pretty soon, when I get some taken lol. Still have to get the car like..

Can’t believe it, only 2 more A levels to go. It’s been a hellish 5 or 6 weeks, but hey… 3 months of freedom now, hopefully put the hours I’m doing in the Spar up a wee bit and get some money saved for the next year lol…

Anyhow, that’s all I have to ramble about at the moment, so byee!


Hiya everyone 😀 How are you all?

I’m extremely tired, and I have work very soon… 8 hours of counting stuff, woo! Exciting lol. Should be an interesting day *nods*

🙂 I’m just watching a wee bit of Top Gear, Jamie Oliver is on, it’s funny. If anyone wants some Top Gear email me – I have every episode ever, could stick a few series on a DVD for you lol. Just for any TG fans lol.

Not too bad a day today, wasn’t so nice this morning but it’s dried up really well…

Anyhoo, must run! Have a great day lol…

Physics :(

Heyy, just taking a bit of a break from doing physics past papers… I suddenly feel a great dislike for physics, but I’m sure it’ll pass after tomorrow is over, oh and of course, the synpotic paper, which noone has a clue about I don’t think! Lol…

Aw well.

Just listening to Children of the Night, mad tune 😐 Lol.

Cheerio any readers (doubt I have any but hey).


Sorry no posts in like a fortnight. Has been kinda weird, last set of exams in school *looks hopeful* and I don’t know, doesn’t feel like before… Something really final about them…

Had mum’s school sports day today, got a bit sunburnt *oops* guess who forgot suncream >.< Work is the usual boring….. Nothing else to write so… Cheeribye!